Lace Aso-Oke is a fabric specifically woven with comfort and style in mind. Lace Aso-Oke features beautiful lace and floral designs that are lusciously embroidered and exquisitely accessorized using a choice of glittering sequins, unique beads and high quality cords. These features are relatively new to Aso-Oke fabric and give Lace Aso-Oke the rich contemporary and luscious look you would hitherto find mostly on imported high quality lace fabrics. Lace Aso-Oke can be customized to complement existing lace fabrics giving a distinctive blend for that classy outing.  

 Needles and Thread Ltd also produces Conventional Aso-Oke Such as Lace Aso Oke, Multi-Color Aso Oke, Onja Owu Aso Oke, Two Tone Aso Oke, Silk Aso Oke, Net Metallic Aso Oke, Super-Net Aso Oke, Alaagba,  Popo,  Eya, Etu, Alaari, Double Weave and Sayan.  Lace Aso-Oke brand, will however be produced mostly on order to suite the customer, specific choice of colors, embroidery designs and accessories. 




























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